SpooferX FAQ

    Virtual Go+ FAQ Always make sure that you have no cooldown remaining 1. Why is it just catching pokemon and not spinning pokestops? These devices always prioritize catching over spinning. We suggest to stack up pokeballs as much as possible before going to heavily populated ares such as Zaragoza, Spain.

     note: you can allow the go plus to spin or catch only.
        - go to pokemon go settings
        - go to pokemon go plus settings 
        - turn off notifications for nearby pokestop: this will ignore pokestops/gyms
        - turn off notifications for nearby pokemon: this will ignore pokemon 

    2. Why do other pokemon flee? These devices/services only have 40% catch rate designed by Niantic. These devices will attempt to catch a pokemon once using a pokeball. once its not caught, it is considered that it has fled. 3. I have Great balls and Ultra balls but why isn't it catching? As suggested on the first item, stack up pokeballs as much as possible as they can only use redf pokeballs. 4. Can it do modified throw? No. It is a virtual throw. So no additional experience for excellent throw or curved ball even if you enable modified throw.